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How It Works

Lifecycle of a Syndicate

Streamline   Advantage


  • Simple and timely formation

  • Professional administration for life of the syndicate

  • Efficient liquidation of investment


Coordinate liquidation and dissolve LLC


Oversee the investment until liquidation


Sign documents and disburse funds to close the investment


Issue capital call and collect funds

Form LLC and coordinate investor documents 


3-6 Weeks
  • File the LLC with the State and secure Tax ID from IRS

  • Secure legal documents to form the LLC

  • Set up banking and accounting systems

  • Obtain commitments from investors, oversee dissemination and completion of legal documents

  • Issue capital call, collect funds, deposit to bank

  • Set up system to manage member records and accounting records

  • Execute company's subscription documents to close the investment

  • Disburse funds to company and pay expenses

1-10 Years

All Investments:

  • Renew the LLC annually

  • Maintain member records and update when life events occur

  • Maintain accurate accounting records including member capital accounts

  • Coordinate decisions and voting on shareholder matters of investment

  • Monitor and communicate progress of investment

Stock or Convertible Security:

  • Issue capital calls to cover expenses as needed

  • Coordinate tax returns and issue K-1s to members when security converts or upon liquidation (annual tax returns typically not required)

Recurring Revenue:

  • Oversee bank account and reconcile monthly

  • Receive payments from investment company

  • Prepare disbursements to investors and to pay expenses

  • Coordinate annual tax returns and issue K-1s to members

2 Weeks - 2 Years
  • Coordinate execution of any legal documents associated with liquidation

  • Facilitate any decisions and voting on options by members

  • Receive disbursement and prepare pro-rata payments to members

  • If payout over time, continue to monitor and manage until liquidation is complete

  • If bankruptcy, notify investors of loss

  • Dissolve the LLC with the State and IRS

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