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A simple capitalization table model to project impact of valuation, future rounds and exit value

A simple valuation model to quickly evaluate the size of exit required based on requested valuation

Series Seed Term Sheet Guide

An explanation of the key terms in the Series Seed Term Sheet, and negotiation considerations for deal leads.

Convertible Notes: Pros & Cons

Article by John O. Huston, Chair Emeritus, Angel Capital Association & Ohio TechAngel Funds. 

Updated October 2017.

Term Sheet Canvas

A checklist to document the basic terms and conditions of a deal.


Cap Table Model

Valuation Model


Introduction to Cap Tables

February 2019

An important part of any equity financing is the proforma capitalization table.  Kevin Learned provides an overview of cap tables, their purpose, and how they are used.

Tax Tips that really Matter for Angel Investment Returns

October 2018

There are very favorable tax advantages available to angel investors, but of course, there are lots of conditions.  Learn the basics from Loon Creek partner Kevin Learned and Eide Bailly tax partner Peggy Runcorn.

Achieving the Right Balance in Early Stage Term Sheets

August 2018

Term sheets for early stage investments need not be complicated.  Long time angel investor Bill Payne and Loon Creek partner Kevin Learned discuss the basics in the Series Seed term sheet.



Largest angel investor professional development association in the world.

A collection of articles, ebooks, videos and other resources for investors.


Angel Capital Association

Seraf Compass

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Subscribe to our blog for further insights on angel investing

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